domenica 1 aprile 2012

warm memories

time flies... I know I'm repetitive, but it happens very oftenly that, like just waken up from a long sleep, I realize a lot of time has already past, and lots of things to do are still there waiting for me...
SOmetimes it happens to me to feel lonely, to need company, someone to confide with. But looking around, I cannot see anyone. Years spent to reach a goal, neglecting lot of things, missing lots of opportunities. "The best years of your life", is it true that are already passed? I hope not, hoping it's not just a hope. Have I achieved what I want? Someone say yes, someone shaking their heads seems to show their compassion.
Cannot give up, just look ahead and go on. Don't worry, be happy!

sabato 6 agosto 2011

Everytime some1 asks me in which religion I believe, my answer would always be: ‘I’m Buddhist’. It wasn’t my choice, I was born in a Buddhist family, and I accepted it. Having grown up in a Christian country, it’s happened to me to think, if I was born in a Christian family, I would have been a Christian without any problem. But… if I have had to choose one religion without any influences, which one I’d have chosen? My answer is I dunno. It’s not an easy choice, thinking abt it, I found all the religions in this world are so similar to each other. Every religion preaches ‘the good’, the ‘what should u do’ and ‘what u shouldn’t do’, not an easy choice. My only certainty is that I have to choose one, I cannot be atheist. I need to ‘believe’, to believe in some superior entity that guide my actions, that guide my life, that can give me hope, whatever happens.

venerdì 5 agosto 2011

et voilà!

Time flies, nearly 2 years passed since my last post here! Looks like yesterday…. So many thing happened, so many things passed away without I could have the time to realized it. When everything looked so perfect, so happily perfect, so incredibly perfect, to make u think ‘how can it all be so perfect?’…. like a bolt from the blue, all this perfection is gone, and everything become worse than before. ‘Fragile as happiness’, I was skeptic abt this saying, or better, I didn’t want to believe it, but now I do, I have to.

Well, it’s life, when one person told me that I will pay many tears in life, that person knew what he was saying :)

It’s not easy when what u lose is what u consider the meaning of ur life… but we’ve to go on. Set new goals. Open ur mind, open ur heart. :)

sabato 28 novembre 2009


very random post, just passing by to make the world know that I'm still alive... ^_^ just very very busy to manage my blog :( still a lot of things to do but no time, there should be days of 48 hours...
on Friday I worked non-stop for 13 hours.... but when I came back home I didn't feel tired at all, cuz I'm doing what I chose to do in my life, I love it and I'm even paid to do what I like! very happy and satisfied abt this! ^o^
And... yeah, nearly forgot! Here's our new forum:
guess what it is abt... :P Remember to visit!

sabato 25 aprile 2009

Tired...very tired...

Don't know why, in certain moments of my life I would feel extremely tired, even just woken up, I would want to go back to my bed, to sleep and would never wake up anymore...
haha! you would say: "This is called depression". No, don't think so. I should know what depression is, and I'd do my best to avoid it.
I still have too many things to do. I cannot give up. I'm in a very important point of my life, I cannot afford such a luxury. Maybe sometimes I'm overwhelmed by what is called responsibility, maybe I'm not ready yet to face such a great challenge, a challenge like LIFE.
Face the world, face the people. I used to think that some kind of people can exist only in the imagination of writers, to make movies or novels more interesting. I was wrong. There's nothing more interesting than everyday life. Well, to be not so pessimistic, one should state that having to do with so many "characters"(because the term "people" is too ordinary, does not match with them), you will never be bored! hehe...

venerdì 24 aprile 2009

My katagami are DONE! :D

Here are my very FIRST katagami....

Bamboo Leaves:

And the Chinese name of the person I gave my 2 katagami to:

Must improve, must improve... :/

martedì 3 marzo 2009

An update on my katagami project

Long time no post... he he, so busy lately...^^ graduation etc etc... Finally got time to work on my katagami again. Well, I tried to handmade some katagmi paper by myself (using mulberry paper, persimmon juice etc), but the results were not as expected, so I decided to do some research on the net, and luckily I found on ebay some ready katagami paper. I bought a couple of sheets to carved... So far, I managed to carved a sample (to train my carving skills...^^) of the whole job, here is the result:

Well, still have to improve... firmer hand needed... :-/